In the USA, meanwhile, mass protests have moved into the plane of struggle with monuments. “Against a backdrop of demolition of monuments, there are now two possible ways to develop the current situation: in the first case, the Democrats will have to include many left-wingers’ radical ideas in Biden’s election program; in the second case, they will try to reduce the number of leftist ideas, leaving them only for the mass media,” he said.

Radical left-wing ideas can attract about 5-10% of the total electorate. However, American white working class doesn’t support these ideas as it is dissatisfied with the mass demolition of monuments and abuse of history. The Republican stance is getting more appealing to voters than the Democrats’ positions now.

“In the near future, when the presidential nominating convention will be held, we will be able to see a real alignment of forces within the party establishment. Everything will become much clearer,” Kravchenko concluded.