Zelensky wants to build a dictatorship

A series of resignations of high-ranking officials and security officials in Ukraine marks a continuation of President Vladimir Zelensky's course to consolidate power in his hands, thinks leading RISS expert Oleg Nemensky.

A de facto presidential dictatorship will create an opportunity to undertake painful reforms in the country, which Western countries insist on, with a preparation for large-scale privatization, including agricultural land and infrastructure facilities.


  • Through the reshuffles and high-profile resignations in the Ministry of Defense and the security sector in Ukraine president V. Zelensky puts more obedient managers in key positions in these departments. It helps concentrate political power in V. Zelensky’s hands and end the internal conflicts that undermine the defense sector in Ukraine.

  • Filling the power structures with people loyal to V. Zelensky is essential in the upcoming large-scale privatization that significantly increases the risks of domestic military conflicts.

  • The reshuffles in the defense sector can be motivated by V. Zelensky's desire to prepare Ukraine for a new plan to end hostilities in the east of the country with Europe growing tired of the military conflict in Donbas.

  • Purges in Ukraine's defense and security sector are likely to continue.
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