RISS Expert About the Necessity of Building New International Security Architecture

Leading RISS expert Sergey Ermakov believes that Europe needs the security and peace guarantees offered by Russia. The U.S. and their allies should start taking Russian initiatives in this field seriously. These proposals are to find a common approach that suits all parties.

Our country has always sought to develop an equal dialogue with the West. However, according to the analyst, the U.S. and NATO have been deliberately dismantling the existing architecture of international security for many years.

Russia continues to stand for peace and security for all members of the world community.


  • The U.S. hegemonic aspirations to preserve the unipolar order undermines global stability of the post-Cold War era. Great pillars of European security architecture — the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty, the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances for Ukraine and the Helsinki Final Act — are either now defunct or no longer serving their originally intended purposes because of the U.S. actions.

  • NATO's eastward expansion is one of the major threats to Russia's national security. The prospect of Ukraine joining NATO poses an existential threat to Russia, as it brings NATO's frontline forces on Russian borders.

  • Russia has sought legal assurances that Ukraine would never be able to join NATO and that the Alliance will halt weapon deployments there. However, no substantive reaction has been received from the Western countries so far.
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