«Ukraine» project. Part II

RISS leading expert Oleg Nemensky continues his research into the origins of Ukrainian nationalism. The 20th century saw a large-scale project of Ukrainization and the complete destruction of a Russophile movement in Western Ukraine.

Nikita Khrushchev played an essential role in the process of Ukrainization. It's down to him former Bandera's followers were included in the Soviet governing bodies and the Communist Party. The Ukrainian emigration was also dominated by radical nationalists, who were systematically supported by Western intelligence services.


  • The Soviet Communists supported small nations' nationalism to reduce the importance of the most numerous nation in the former Russian Empire — Russians. Therefore, the Bolsheviks actively promoted Ukrainian nationalism in their political interests.

  • The ideas of Ukrainian nationalism are reflected the most vividly in the Bandera movement.

  • The Azov movement espouses right wing ideology and showcases Nazi symbols. Azov began in 2000s as a military infantry unit made up of civilian volunteers drawn from far-right, neo-Nazi groups that were active in Ukraine.

  • Nationalists in Ukraine do not enjoy strong public support. However, their ideas dominate patriotic discourse in the Ukrainian information space.

  • Ukrainian nationalists adhere to radical Westernism, thus seeking Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine and having a negative attitude towards Russia.
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