Failure of Pax Americana

RISS senior expert Sergey Mikhailov believes that the US failure to turn Russia into a global economic, financial and political pariah indicates the collapse of the American-centric worldview. Many states defied Washington's pressure to join sanctions against Russia thus disobeying the world hegemon.

Russia has a unique opportunity to strengthen mutually beneficial ties with Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Dozens of states seeking to get rid of global Western neocolonialism are looking to Moscow with hope.

Russia survived an «economic blitzkrieg» of Western sanctions. Now Russia and all sovereign countries have a chance to build a more just and democratic world order.


  • Few non-Western countries have followed the US in economically punishing Russia. Over 150 member states of the United Nations that account for more than 70 % of the global population, decided not to follow the US lead.

  • Despite a widespread Western thesis about Russia's small GDP, any attempts to cut Russia off from the world economy already weakened by Covid shatter it. The US and its allies seriously underestimаted the real value of tangible assets and its role in global economy.

  • The point of imposing simultaneously massive sanctions against Russia was to create an effect of information bomb that would put Russian popultaion and political elites under immense psychological pressure so that it could undermine countries' stability.
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