Russian Compatriots in Danger

On the eve of Victory Day, Counselor to the RISS Director Victoria Panova discussed a difficult situation that Russian compatriots face in unfriendly countries. In her opinion, the Western Russophobes used Russia's special military operation in Ukraine as a pretext to unleash a full-scale attack on Russian culture, its bearers and admirers.

However, there is still a strong demand in numerous countries that refused to join sanctions against Russia for classical Russian culture and the need for unbiased information about the roots of the current crisis in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, it is likely a new wave of anti-Russian provocations and attempts to destroy the historical heritage of the Soviet soldiers-liberators on the eve of Victory Day. Russophobes in Eastern Europe and Baltic states are particularly belligerent.

Under the unprecedented pressure, Russia is making every possible effort to support compatriots, including in cooperation with friendly states.

Russophobia compatriots discussion Victoria Panova