Sweden and Finland on their way to NATO

RISS leading expert Sergey Ermakov analyzes the prospects and consequences of the possible accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO. The accession of Stockholm and Helsinki to the North Atlantic Alliance will deal a heavy blow to the European security architecture and inevitably increase militarization of the Baltic region.

Ermakov stresses that Russia would have to respond if NATO moves closer to Russia's borders. In particular, Finland's entry into the alliance will fundamentally change the nature of Russian-Finnish relations, given that Russia and Finland share a 1300-km border.


  • Sweden and Finland adopted policies of neutrality during the Cold War. Their decision to join NATO shrink the safe zones of great power rivalries. It is likely to have implications for other neutral states. For instance, Switzerland has increasingly aligned with the EU on Russian sanctions.

  • NATO and the US seek to drag more states into in a full proxy war with Russia.
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