China's view of the world order transformation

RISS Senior expert Georgy Sizov assesses the Chinese approach to the analysis of contemporary international relations. The expert believes that Beijing focuses on strengthening its ties with developing countries given the UN-centric model of the world order.

China seeks to avoid confrontation with the U.S. and its allies, but is ready to firmly defend its national interests and continue to implement the global Chinese initiatives introduced earlier. Beijing relies on strengthening the role of such dynamically developing associations as the BRICS amid the decline of the Western-centric world.


  • China wants to expand the group of emerging economies known as BRICS.

  • China's commitment to globalization has not wavered. Beijing seeks to preserve its benefits. That is why it tries to avoid big military conflicts between the great powers.

  • Chinese experts think that the U.S. is the largest beneficiary in Russia-Ukraine conflict. They also note that the U.S. new strategy aims to weaken Russia and to contain China through its Indo-Pacific policy. Besides, Washington can shore up transatlantic solidarity against China.
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