Scotland seeks new independence vote?

The editor-in-chief of RISS Journal «National Strategy Issues» Anna Vilovatykh analyzes the key reasons for rising tensions around the possibility of Scotland's exit from the UK. The expert thinks that local nationalists try to take an advantage from the negative socio-economic and political trends in the UK to hold a second independence referendum.

The researcher believes that London will by all means prevent such a vote, since its success can cause a «domino effect» and trigger a deep crisis of the British political system.


  • British parliament strongly oppose a referendum, saying the issue was settled in a 2014 referendum.

  • Independence supporters argue that Scotland should take its future into its own hands, and no longer be tied to the UK after the 2016 Brexit referendum. About 49 % of Scottish voters oppose the UK decision to leave the EU, but the polling results change constantly due to the economic situation.
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