Who in the United States is against Biden's approach to Ukraine?

According to RISS senior expert Sergei Mikhailov, Biden's policy towards Ukraine is being criticized by both conservative and left-liberal Americans. Some progressive Democrats believe that the U.S. president is giving Ukraine too much attention, while domestic problems are snowballing. At the same time, right-wing Republicans want the U.S. foreign policy to be more focused on domestic concerns. They also consider the multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine at the expense of American taxpayers to be unjustified.


  • There is a considerable bipartisan support for the U.S. government’s decision to provide military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. However, there are signs of American public fatigue over Ukraine. Along with the economic uncertainty, it favors right-wing Republicans, who are more anxious about domestic problems and China than Ukraine.

  • Progressive Democrats view the United States as a bad international actor that has brought a lot of pain abroad through numerous wars. As a result, they consider the U.S. approach to any foreign conflict to be self-interested or even imperialist.
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