Youth and Russia of the Future

RISS Leading Analyst Pavel Sushko discusses the key findings of a comprehensive research project on Russian youth, jointly conducted by RISS and the Federal Research Sociological Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The study was conducted in 43 regions of the country, where in total more than 113 million people, or more than 75% of its population, live. The analysis of the received materials made it possible to gain a deeper understanding of young people's attitudes, characteristics of inclusion in the information and communication environment, and their way of life.

The expert claims that young Russians have their own view of how our country should develop and are acutely aware of the challenges the world is facing.


  • The research findings demonstrate no serious gap between young Russians and the older generation in terms of basic values. However, more young people than older Russians want to feel that they are masters of their own destiny.

  • In general, the level of patriotism among youths in Russia is high. Despite the increased anxieties in society lately, many young Russians believe in the economic prosperity of our country in the future.
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