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RISS discussed «The New Great Game» in Central Asia

The round table highlighted the historical, cultural and geopolitical aspects of interaction between the Central Asian states.

Chief Counselor to the RISS Director took part in the SCO Forum

Konstantin Kokarev took part in the forum via videoconference

Afghanistan: ethnic groups, religion, elites

Press review: Iran to toughen up on Trump and Russia eyes big energy deals on Arab markets

Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Afghanistan seeks full-fledged SCO membership

Washington will not let Moscow reconcile Kabul and Taliban

The United States refuses to participate in the settlement of the crisis in Afghanistan, and the situation in the region will soon aggravate again giving rise to a hotbed of tensions along the borders of Central Asian states. Most likely, Washington is ok with it, because the US administration seeks to use the civil war in Afghanistan as a lever of pressure on Central Asia and the CSTO.

Washington’s new strategy in Afghanistan aimed against China, RISS expert says

Nowadays, China is the main rival of the US on the global arena, according to RISS expert Adzhar Kurtov

RISS expert: US and NATO military presence destabilizes situation in Afghanistan

“Fifteen years of US and NATO military presence in Afghanistan did little to improve security and establish peace; instead they only served to destabilize the situation in the country further”, says Anna Glazova, Head of RISS Centre for Asia and the Middle East. “The production of drugs in Afghanistan grew 50-fold over this period, the Taliban have been encroaching over the land, and ISIS that the Western coalition has been fighting against has only increased in numbers from several hundred to several thousand fighters”, RISS expert remarks.

US Strategy in Afghanistan: Destabilization for Empowerment

Anna None Glazova

Tragic events in Afghanistan are a logical response to intensifying US activity

Outsiders to solve Afghan issue

The Turkish-Afghan-Pakistani summit dedicated to the Afghan crisis after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan has ended in Ankara.