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Blackout pushes Venezuelan parliament to declare state of emergency

Venezuela’s National Assembly, which is under the control of the opposition, has announced a state of emergency amid the sweeping power outage in the country. The current authorities labeled the ongoing blackout an act of sabotage and the result of US cyber attack.

US hackers plunge Venezuela into nationwide blackout

A cyber attack against Venezuela’s power facilities, which Caracas has blamed on the US, was designed to create intolerable living conditions throughout the Latin American country, Izvestia writes. According to Washington strategists, the power outage was aimed at whipping up protest sentiment to topple Venezuela’s legitimate President Nicolas Maduro. On March 7, state power corporation Corpoelec reported an act of sabotage at the country’s major Guri hydroelectric plant, which supplies power to the capital and 70% of Venezuela. Since Thursday afternoon, 21 out of 23 states across the country have been without electricity.