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Brexit at the crossroads

Anna None Vilovatykh

Britain's lack of agreement with the EU is the worst option for both London and Brussels

Endless Brexit

The Brexit draft and the political declaration on future relations between the United Kingdom and the EU were appoved at the Sunday's EU summit in Brussels. On the one hand, the talks between the European Commission and London ended with the formal adoption of the agreement on Britain’s exit from the European Union. On the other hand, it is clear that the process is not completed yet, and forcibly paused not to derail the Brexit deal, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov said.

New British foreign secretary might replace Theresa May, Russian expert says

The expert also said that London would continue to implement the Global Britain concept

Political strife in UK escalates due to Brexit debate, expert says

It is still unclear whether London and Brussels can reach an agreement by this October

Britain didn’t expect such serious consequences of Brexit

“Three main points of the exit of the UK from the European Union remained unresolved,” RISS expert Anna Vilovatykh said. They are: the rights of UK residents in the EU (and EU citizens in the UK), the territorial boundaries between Ireland and Northern Ireland, payments amount of the United Kingdom to the EU (according to experts, this amount is about 60 bn euros).