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BRICS and IMF: why the IMF quota formula review still matters

Sergey None Karataev

Why the IMF is so important

Interview: Goa summit to consolidate BRICS' global influence: Russian economist

The BRICS is beginning to act as an influential global organization capable of providing alternative options for development and cooperation, and the upcoming summit in Goa should help consolidate this status, a Russian economist has said.

A Further Growth of BRICS Raises no Doubts

Goldman Sachs has closed down the BRICS Fund, which was created for investing in Russia, Brazil, India and China

RISS experts take part in the conference of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The First International Research Conference and Workshop «BRICS countries: development strategies and collaborative mechanisms in a changing world» took place on November 2-3, 2015 in the Russian Academy of Sciences.  The forum agenda included a wide range of issues on BRICS development prospects, as well as strategic union priorities and mechanisms of its operation development.

Centre for Economic Research of RISS presents discussion paper

The impact of the financial crisis of 2008-2009 on the global economy showed the necessity of reorganizing international financial architecture and in particular Bretton Woods institutions. The emerging of BRICS, which from the very beginning set the IMF reorganization among its priorities, was one of the responses to that challenge.

BRICS Prospects

Dmitry Burykh

The iew from Brazil through the prism of the forthcoming presidential elections

Main Outcomes of 6th BRICS Summit

Ekaterina None Sharova

The Brazilian summit marked a new level in its participants’ economic partnership