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Counter Accusations By Russia On The Skripals' Poisoning: Britain Wants To Destabilize The Russian Elections

On March 17, Russia announced its decision to expel 23 British diplomats and to shut down the British Council in Russia, as countermeasures to the actions taken by the UK following the poisoning in Britain of the former GRU Colonel and double agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter.

Britain didn’t expect such serious consequences of Brexit

“Three main points of the exit of the UK from the European Union remained unresolved,” RISS expert Anna Vilovatykh said. They are: the rights of UK residents in the EU (and EU citizens in the UK), the territorial boundaries between Ireland and Northern Ireland, payments amount of the United Kingdom to the EU (according to experts, this amount is about 60 bn euros).

RISS Director: British parliamentary elections finish the season of political surprises

“A year ago, the results of the EU referendum turned out as a surprise to many. The word Brexit has become synonymous with political unexpectedness. Since then, the features of a serious and profound transformation of the West political systems built on the foundation of the partisan system have clearly manifested. Probably the time has come to ask some questions about their crisis.

RISS Director commented on the terrorist attack in Manchester

“Manchester Arena terror attack with numerous casualties is a monstrous and indefensible act. This act of violence against innocent people once again recalls us that the international community must combine efforts in the fight against the plague of the 21st century – terrorism.

Britain: On the Verge of Breakup

Scotland is due to hold a referendum on its independence on September 18. As the “yes” answer is making progress in the polls, the British prime-minister Cameron and the EU engaged themselves 100 percent on the side of the “no” variant. Why are they so partial? Could the reason be simple: the dismemberment of the UK would mean a blow to the EU’s prestige and an almost zero chance of Mr. Cameron’s staying in power?