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US behind pressure on the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro

Tension in Montenegro's inter-church relations is beneficial for both the Patriarchate of Constantinople and Washington, RISS expert Andrey Serebrich comments on the ongoing unrest in Montenegro against the state religious policy. "In December 2019, Podgorica adopted a contested church property law. According to it, all the churches built before 1918 would become state property. But the majority of these churches have been built at this time. A lot of believing people beware of state's transferring of these churches to Montenegrin dissenters," he said.

Ukrainian Orthodox hierarchs refuse to take part in Poroshenko’s ‘unification council’

Hierarchs of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church have refused en masse to take part in the so-called ‘unification council’ championed by the country’s president, sending “invitations” to the event back without reply.

Separation of church & state? Not in Ukraine, with Poroshenko's push for 'independent' church

Why the Hindus rose in defence of the Christians

Hindus of Indian descent living in the UK have joined the discussion in the country about the role of the church in society. They oppose the disestablishment of the church.