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Vietnam is becoming one of the leading regional players

Maria None Zelenkova

Republic continues its external diversification

RISS Director meets the senior military leadership of Pakistan

From 14 to 18 November 2015 the delegation of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies headed by RISS Director Leonid Reshetnikov visited Islamabad on the invitation of the National Defense University (NDU) of Pakistan. The delegation included head of sector of Asia at the Center for Asia and the Middle East B. Volkhonsky, assistant director for international relations A. Dudar, and research fellow of the Center for Asia and the Middle East R. Enikeev.

RISS experts at the conference in Seoul

The international conference «The Role of Think Tank in the Korea-Russia Cooperation», which was organized by the Eurasian Research Institute of the Kookmin University and the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, took place on October 21, 2015 in Seoul (Republic of Korea).

Main Outcomes of 6th BRICS Summit

Ekaterina None Sharova

The Brazilian summit marked a new level in its participants’ economic partnership