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Coronavirus and US elections: Will Trump be the winner?

Ilya Kravchenko

The pandemic has become the Democrats' trump card

West facing frighteningly high unemployment due to pandemic

Vyacheslav Kholodkov

The coronavirus pandemic hit the world's labor market, and especially the US economy

USA dreaming to repeat Marshall Plan with the EU

Mikhail None Belyaev

Washington is not going to give up on idea of global domination

Possible impact of the novel coronavirus

Anna Vilovatykh

The outbreak has become a challenge for the world political regimes

Joint measures by G20 to help resolve the problem of coronavirus spread, says expert

The clue to coping with the problem of the global coronavirus spread is in concerted action and joint efforts by all countries. The G20 summit’s joint communique will help stop the pandemic and ease the negative effects on the global economy, expert Mikhail Belyayev, of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, said on Friday about the results of the G20 summit.

G20 summit outcomes encouraging

Mikhail None Belyaev

A comprehensive range of measures was offered to overcome the crisis

COVID-19’s impact on major armed conflicts across the globe

The UN has called on countries to cease hostilities around the globe, lift sanctions and focus on the fight against today’s common enemy, the coronavirus pandemic. Izvestia interviewed experts, who commented on the potential impact of the outbreak on efforts to resolve some major armed conflicts, in particular, in Ukraine, Libya and Syria.

Troubled F-35 becomes latest coronavirus casualty after Pentagon puts the brakes on further tests

Tests being carried out on the delayed and over-budget F-35 have been suspended as part of a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus, the Pentagon has announced. The fighter plane has already suffered a string of pricey setbacks.

US sanctions impede Iran’s fight against coronavirus

Marianna Bakonina

US sanctions against Iran during the coronavirus epidemic displayed Washington's deceitful stance

Coronavirus pandemic may cause EU to break up, says analyst

The current coronavirus pandemic has forced the EU members to take off the masks, thus proving that no European solidarity exists and "each is for himself", expert Igor Pshenichnikov, of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, said on Monday. He sees certain risks the European Union may lose its previous shape once and for all or cease to exist altogether.