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Political situation in Lebanon is melting pot of contradictions, says analyst

The current political situation in Lebanon is beginning to look like a mini-melting pot of major contradictions, the chief of the Middle and Near East Center at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Vladimir Fitin, told TASS, when asked for a comment about Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s decision to approve a new government, which caused another wave of street protests in Beirut.

The Greater Eurasian Partnership is Getting More and More Popular

Aleksandr Shevchenko

The main job is to ensure reasonable coordination between EEU and the Silk Road Economic Belt

Polarized Poland: the identity crisis goes international

The nationwide protests that have rocked Poland over the past couple of months have been completely misrepresented in the international media, even among outlets that are editorially sympathetic to one side or the other

Beards, Kalashnikovs and (possibly) Balalaikas as Big-league Politics Factors

Vasily Fedortsev

It sounds absurdly, but it's about serious geopolitical game

Coverage of Ukrainian crisis in Indian media

Completely absorbed in the ongoing elections, Indian society is not paying too much attention to the processes taking place far from the borders of the country. But the events in Ukraine and around get noticeable coverage in the Indian media.