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US-China trade conflict escalates to currency war

US-China trade conflict escalates to currency war, RISS expert Vyacheslav Kholodkov said. Trump labeled China a currency manipulator and accused it of taking concrete steps to devalue its currency. "Trump made this statement after the Treasury Department put China on the currency blacklist. This statement could pave the way for more US sanctions. For example, the US can cut lending to trading firms that have business ties with Beijing," he underscored. Trump also intends to file a complaint against China at the IMF. In expert's opinion, such a threat was Washington's attempt to create an international coalition to put pressure on China.

Ruble as a regional currency against the dollar hegemony

Dollarization is determined not only by macroeconomic factors, but also by inertia, due to which many people simply do not realize that they can get something else from exports besides dollar, RISS expert Ivan Bazhenov pointed out.

The rouble as the settlement currency of the CIS

Settlements in national currencies, which were actively discussed at the recent Dushanbe-hosted CIS summit, are a good alternative to the US dollar supremacy. They minimize the risks associated with the policy of the US Federal Reserve System. They are also beneficial in terms of cost for the participants of foreign trade, as they don't require additional conversion into dollars, RISS expert Nikolay Troshin pointed out.