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China in the Balkans: Interests and Issues

The Balkans have become a top priority of China

National security law to be beneficial for Hong Kong

Despite the fact that the USA opposed the introduction of the China's national security law, it has a positive impact on Hong Kong's economy, RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev says. "After the entry into force of this law, shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange soared by 2.27%. This is a very high indicator," he added.

USA reaches record-breaking national debt

The USA is currently striving to cope with a complicated economic situation that has been caused by the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment, GDP decline, as well as foreign markets difficulties, RISS expert Pavel Zakharov says.

Cryptocurrency will never replace gold

Mikhail None Belyaev

There is no replacement for gold yet

European Green Deal set to boost the EU economy

The European Green Deal is set to emerge new consumption and production patterns, which will boost the EU economy, RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev says. According to him, EU trillion-euro plan will make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions.

Labor migration suffering shocks of the pandemic

Mikhail None Belyaev

The world economy is undergoing a serious test

China Remains Stability Factor on Global Oil Market

The OPEC+ deal has provoked mixed reactions among oil market players. In Asia, oil prices rose in morning trading on 13 April after a new phased mechanism to reduce oil production was approved a day earlier by 23 oil-producing countries.

West facing frighteningly high unemployment due to pandemic

Vyacheslav None Kholodkov

The coronavirus pandemic hit the world's labor market, and especially the US economy

International cooperation under question due to coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has become a catalyst for a sharp discussion about the disintegration of the world economy, RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev says. "There is a tendency that each country is trying to solve problems alone within its national borders. Of course, it is too early to talk about complete isolation of countries," he added.

Difficult times for the global economy

"The situation in the world economy is comparable to spring in the mountains. This is the time of year when avalanches are most likely to occur. Avalanches can be triggered even by one gunshot. Such a shot for the global economy can now be the coronavirus pandemic and a sharp drop in world oil prices," RISS expert Vyacheslav Kholodkov said.