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Latin America's Left Turn

Migration Issues. The views of the major German political parties

Ebrahim Raisi: profile of new president-elect in Iran

Round Table on Changes in Economic Policy of US Administration after Presidential Elections

On December 7, 2020, RISS hosted a round table on the changes in the economic policy of the US administration after the presidential elections and expected consequences for the global economic system

Elections as the Broken Mirror of the American Society

Ilya None Kravchenko

One of the most intense presidential races in US history is over

Trump vs Biden: Non-handshakable Debate

Ilya None Kravchenko

Trump-Biden debate once again demonstrated that it is just a show

Radical left-wing ideas taking root in the US

Huge riots against racism held across the USA may lead to the spread of radical left-wing ideas not only among protesters, but also among politicians, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko says. "Despite the fact that the Democratic Party is seeking to use these rallies to its advantage and gain support from the left-wing electorate, it cannot fully control the protest movement. Protesters in Seattle have occupied the city hall and declared autonomy," he outlined. Kravchenko suggested that the Democratic Party had decided to win back its losses in 2016. The Democrats then abandoned their support for B.Sanders. But now they decided to act differently and claimed that it was necessary to take into account the left-wing ideas.

Super Tuesday emboldened the USA

The results of Super Tuesday in the USA, an important day when fourteen states hold both Democratic and Republican primaries, showed that the Democrats still do not have a clear leader, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko says. Bernie Sanders won five large states and Joe Biden nine. Sanders won in California, the state with the largest number of delegates, and Biden scored a majority of Democratic votes in Texas.

Democrats don’t have a clear presidential candidate yet

The US Democratic Party failed to nominate a single presidential candidate as Republicans rally around President Trump, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko says. According to preliminary calculations, the current President won at least 80% of the vote in the Republican primaries.

V.Zelensky aims to change Ukraine’s ruling elites

Snap parliamentary elections in Ukraine are over. According to the preliminary results of various exit polls, V.Zelensky's ruling coalition may consist of Servant of the People Party and S.Vakarchuk’s Voice, RISS expert Vladimir Evseev considers. "But we should not forget about the results of voting in majority districts. If Zelensky's party consists more than a half of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, he will be able to form a government without the need for a formal coalition," he said.