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Tehran plays on nerves of all participants in nuclear deal, Russian expert says

What will happen next depends on whether the deal will stay in effect with the United States not taking part in it, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin said

NATO prepares for war in Europe

The Transatlantic Partnership risks splitting

There is a crack in the Transatlantic Partnership; Europe and the USA may gradually become enemies, RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya pointed out. The EU summit in Sofia was dedicated to the problems of the Western Balkans. However, it can be concluded that current events and new threats to the EU replaced the originally stated theme of the meeting.

EU-Verteidigungsfonds: Baltische Staaten dürfen nicht mitspielen – Experte

Europas Waffenfirmen scharren schon mit den Hufen, um den EU-Verteidigungsfonds unter sich aufzuteilen. Auch die baltische Staaten wollen ein Stück von diesem Kuchen abhaben, wie das Portal „rueconomics“ schreibt. Doch für sie gibt es an diesem Fördertopf keinen Platz – wie sehr sie auch die „russische Gefahr“ an die Wand malen.

The EU is Trying to Resume Dialogue With Russia Through the French President

Nadezhda None Uzunova

To establish Moscow-Paris-Brussels contacts won’t be easy

Does Russia Need to Go Back to the “Big Seven”?

Vyacheslav None Kholodkov

Our coming back to the “club of chosen” will be used

Is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Dangerous for Europe?

Ludmila Vorobyova

Europe understands the limited possibilities to protect its values in the member countries

EU's Post-Brexit Pivot to the Balkans Piles Pressure on Serbia to Give Up Kosovo

Struggling against Euroscepticism in Western Europe, the EU is seeking to reinvent itself with expansion to the East that threatens the stability of the Balkans, analyst Igor Pshenichnikov warns.Amid rising Euroscepticism in Western Europe, the EU is focused on eastern enlargement, but its desire to "relaunch" the European project depends on pressuring eastern European countries into making painful concessions, such as the demand on Serbia to give up sovereignty over Kosovo.

European Union: A 'Superpower' Ruled From Across the Ocean

Federica Mogherini's belief that over the last sixty years the European Union has become a superpower for peace, security, and democracy is nothing but wishful thinking, Igor Pshenichnikov, advisor to the director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS), wrote for RIA Novosti.

Why Macron's Warning of 'Frexit' Nothing But a Planned Election 'Circus Act'

Emmanuel Macron, the front-runner in the French presidential election, has recently called on the EU to reform or face the prospect of "Frexit." Political analysts called the urge a "showy volte-face" and "change of shoes" and explained what it is actually aimed at.