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Why the US-European Relationship is on the Brink

On Friday, Der Spiegel, widely considered to be Germany's most influential news magazine, stunned observers with the cover of its latest issue, featuring President Donald Trump holding a decapitated Lady Liberty, accompanied by the phrase 'America First'. To observers, the image is a perfect illustration of the sorry state of US-European relations.

Transatlantic free trade zone affects Russia's interests

The US and the EU will remain strategic partners, despite the incongruence of positions in some key issues. Thus, the Europeans do not agree with the position of the new US administration, which banned citizens of seven countries from entering the United States.

Recip Erdogan’s Plan B: Settle Arabs in Kurdistan

Anna None Glazova

The Sultan has a plan: he aspires to lead the Muslims of Europe

Polarized Poland: the identity crisis goes international

The nationwide protests that have rocked Poland over the past couple of months have been completely misrepresented in the international media, even among outlets that are editorially sympathetic to one side or the other

Analysts: Full resetting of Russia-West relations hardly possible in near future

Tensions in Russian-Western relations in the face of a common enemy — the terrorist organization calling itself the Islamic State — seem to be easing, but one can hardly say there has been or will be a considerable warming, let alone resetting or return to the pre-Ukrainian level in the foreseeable future, Russian analysts believe.

It’s Not Too Late for Baltic Countries to Make a Stop…

Gennady Kretinin

The Baltic triumvirate began to disintegrate

Britain: On the Verge of Breakup

Scotland is due to hold a referendum on its independence on September 18. As the “yes” answer is making progress in the polls, the British prime-minister Cameron and the EU engaged themselves 100 percent on the side of the “no” variant. Why are they so partial? Could the reason be simple: the dismemberment of the UK would mean a blow to the EU’s prestige and an almost zero chance of Mr. Cameron’s staying in power?

Sanctions Process Highlights US Manipulation of EU

Vakhtang Surguladze

Foreign policy is based not only on principles of economic benefit

With Hope for the Future

Vasily Fedortsev

EU succumbs, contrary to its interests, to the blackmail of the US Administration

USA and EU Introduce New Sanctions Against Russia

Pavel Zakharov

Sanctions poorly timed