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Idlib crisis should be settled by diplomatic means

RISS expert Vladimir Fitin expressed his hope that the crisis in the Syrian province of Idlib would be settled diplomatically. "If this does not lead to a positive outcome, it may have an extremely negative impact on the further development of Russian-Turkish relations," he underscored.

Syria to solve the issue of Idlib

The current operation of the Syrian army to liberate the provinces of Deraa, Quneitra, and Essaouira leaves Idlib only still existing in Syria terrorist enclave, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin pointed out. "The most radical and moderate Islamists were taken to Idlib. Currently, according to various estimates, there are up to 80,000 armed bandits," he said.

Syria will have to take into account Turkey’s interests while liberating Idlib

Bashar al-Assad earlier told Russian reporters that Idlib and other areas where terrorists operate will be a priority for the Syrian army