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Russia's proposal promotes the process of the IMF reforming

“Russia's proposal to produce a one-off increase in the quotas of developing countries at the IMF will advance the reform process and break the deadlock,” said RISS expert Nikolay Troshin.

The IMF needs to be reformed

Nikolay None Troshin

The BRICS countries have the opportunity to agree on a new quota formula

EURISPES about the RISS report

Institute for Political, Social, and Economic Studies EURISPES marks the significance of the RISS report “The IMF quota formula review: opportunities for BRICS and developing world”.

BRICS and IMF: why the IMF quota formula review still matters

Sergey None Karataev

Why the IMF is so important

RISS conducts the expert opinion survey “Prospects of the IMF reform”

International financial architecture has always been at the centre of RISS attention. In June 2015 experts of the Centre for Economic Research of RISS prepared the analytical report that examined the role of the BRICS countries in forming the fair and multipolar global financial system.