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Trump Impeachment May Lead to Compressed Spring Effect

Ilya None Kravchenko

The US Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump has begun

Impeachment failure: Trump boosted his position

The Republican party positions have significantly boosted. Trump was acquitted of impeachment charge and the Democrats are now struggling to find a strong candidate to run for the upcoming President elections in this November. "Trump is more preferable candidate so far. He recovered significant ground in the upcoming elections. But the year has just begun and it promises to be exciting. We will all witness even more internal party fighting, backroom deals and mutual hostility," RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko said.

Trump impeachment has become dull even for Democrats

Trump impeachment has entered the final stage. RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko believes that hearings taking place in the Senate are most likely to fail. "First of all, the Senate is largely controlled by the Republican party making Trump's ouster unlikely. Secondly, the process was launched too rashly. This has led to the fact that the evidence that Democrats are trying to present cannot convince neither Senators nor journalists," he said. Mass media is starting to talk about impeachment process less. In addition, the trial against Trump revealed a significant polarization of the U.S. society.

Trump impeachment inquiry polarizes American society

Trump impeachment inquiry enters protracted but most crucial stage. If Democrats want to move forward with impeaching Trump, they will have to do a tremendous amount of work, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko believes.

Trump impeachment hearings to have consequences

The US House of Representatives has initiated its first public impeachment hearing into President Donald Trump. According to RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko, these hearings would affect not only the future of Trump's presidency but the future of the presidency itself. The impeachment hearings had revealed a lot of surprising things, he said.

Trump impeachment as part of Democrats' election campaign

The US House of Representatives voted to move forward its impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. Voting result has showed that this process is doomed to failure, RISS expert Sergey Mikhailov says. "Republicans’ decision to vote against the impeachment resolution show that they will continue to support the current president. Even Trump's opponents among his fellow party members understand that impeachment will do serious damage to the reputation of the Republican Party. This means that when the impeachment process reaches a majority of Republicans in the Senate, it will be doomed to failure," he said.

Trump's impeachment threatens global diplomacy

An impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump is now the most important issue for the domestic political agenda of the United States, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko said. "Democrats have sought to impeach Trump since he entered office. An interesting fact is that the impeachment inquiry now focuses specifically on Trump's call to the Ukrainian president. Ukraine is becoming a bargaining chip in the inter-American political game," he added.