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RISS Director Met with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation

Russia strengthens cooperation with Iran

Ebrahim Raisi: profile of new president-elect in Iran

US Maintains Its Destructive Stance on Iran

Marianna None Bakonina

Contrary to the expectations of politicians and experts, President Joe Biden is at standstill with fulfilling his pre-election promise to return the US to the "nuclear deal" with Iran

Prospects for Development of Iran’s Transport Infrastructure

Ekaterina None Andreeva

Tehran is focused on building up port infrastructure and railway corridors to become a major logistics hub

USA Continues to Hamper Iranian Nuclear Deal

All JCPOA participants are making every effort to keep the nuclear deal alive

Extending arms embargo against Iran means death of nuclear deal

Marianna None Bakonina

The US considers it necessary to extend the arms embargo agains Iran; Tehran has already made it clear that this means the death of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), RISS expert Marianna Bakonina says. "In an attempt to push through the resolution, Washington have converted this situation into a kind of circus performance. But the resolution is opposed not only by America's opponents, but even by its allies," she added.

Iran begins lifting lockdown restrictions

Marianna None Bakonina

Being under heavy US sanctions, Iran overcomes the pandemic

US can tighten pressure on Iran after November election, says expert

Washington and Tehran are not interested in escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf amid the coronavirus pandemic, however, the United States can ramp up pressure on Iran following the November presidential election, head of the Center for the Near and Middle East at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Vladimir Fitin told TASS on Monday.

US sanctions impede Iran’s fight against coronavirus

Marianna None Bakonina

US sanctions against Iran during the coronavirus epidemic displayed Washington's deceitful stance