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President Putin's visit confirmed the growing authority of Russia in the Middle East

President Putin's visit to the Middle East has confirmed the growing authority of Russia in the region, but despite the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, it is too early to speak about the cessation of armed confrontation with the terrorists, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin said.

Baghdad and Erbil dispute about the legitimacy of the forthcoming plebiscite

Igor None Borovkov

Tense situation around the Kurdistan referendum

In RISS discussed the problem of the ideological-political confrontation with ISIS

At the village Karaskovo of Kaluga region on November 1, 2015 was held a scientific-practical seminar «Islam and the crisis of world religious thought», organized by RISS.

RISS expert commented on the coverage of the Syrian events by the Western media

The round table «Coverage of events in Syria in the Western media» with the participation of press secretary of the MFA of Russia M. Zakharova took place on October 21, 2015 at the Moscow Union of Journalists. The position of RISS at the event was represented by senior research fellow G. Khizrieva. In her speech, she noted the high effectiveness of the new mediametric methodology, developed at the Institute.

Dick Cheney: Again in the Saddle as Iraqi Crisis Escalates?

Former vice-president of the United States Richard Cheney, the main architect of the British-American invasion of Iraq in 2003, is meeting the Republican congressmen on the issue of Iraq. Cheney is trying to make political capital on the plight of Iraq again, as the country is invaded by Islamist terrorist from the organization Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, or ISIS. Will people forget that ISIS started its operations in Syria, fighting the Syrian president Assad with full support of leaders of the EU and the United States, including Mr. Cheney?