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Prospects for Development of Iran’s Transport Infrastructure

Ekaterina None Andreeva

Tehran is focused on building up port infrastructure and railway corridors to become a major logistics hub

Geopolitical Issues Concerning Development of South Asia’s Transport Corridors

South Asia is becoming theater for fierce competition between various powers

The US National Policy in the Area of Artificial Intelligence

Yaroslav None Selyanin

Washington considers superiority in this area as one of necessary conditions for the US global dominance

Trump trying to keep Turkey in the US orbit

Anna None Glazova

US-Turkey relationship: prospects for overcoming the crisis

NATO as a tool for military and political intervention

Current issues of NATO transformation

EU countries have different views on its future

Ludmila Vorobyova

Issues concerning the EU reforms: stages, constraints, and prospects

RISS journal “National Strategy Issues” №2 (59)

Social movements in the age of post-truth

Anna None Vilovatykh, Sergey Rogachev

The spread of the Internet and social networks influenced socio-political discourse globally

Women in the US politics: the role in policy-making decisions

Ilya None Kravchenko

Integration of women politicians into governmental structures is of great importance

Islam in Uzbekistan: сurrent state and future developments

Semyon None Kukol

Islam strengthening leads to the tensions between Muslims and secular authorities