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Russia unwilling to rush into Normandy Four summit

Moscow sees no reason to hold a Normandy Four summit though Kiev, supported by Paris and Berlin, has been insisting on it, a high-ranking Russian diplomatic source told Izvestia.

Ukrainians’ interest in traveling to Russia continues to grow

Despite the ongoing anti-Russian propaganda that Kiev echoes urging its citizens not to visit the country, the number of Ukrainian tourists wishing to visit Russia is constantly increasing, two sources in Ukraine’s ruling circles told Izvestia. This information is confirmed by the official data of Russia’s Federal Security Service.

Mounting anti-Poroshenko rallies taking hold of Kiev

Ukraine is on the edge of a new upheaval as supporters of ex-Georgian President and former Governor of Ukraine’s Odessa Region Mikhail Saakashvili rallied in downtown Kiev on Sunday, December 17, calling for political change. The so-called ‘Impeachment rally’ drew around 5,000 demonstrators, according to official data, while the participants themselves said at least 10,000 people took part in the rally. Earlier, the Ukrainian mass media reported that Saakashvili allegedly sent a letter to Poroshenko offering a compromise, Izvestia writes on Monday.

Kiev purposely dumbing down education to reduce emigration, says Russian expert

According to the bill, starting from 2018 all educational instruction in secondary schools and in colleges and universities will be exclusively in Ukrainian

Kiev’s education law adds fuel to the fire that stoked Donbass conflict - envoy

Instruction in the languages of ethnic minorities will remain only in elementary schools, while all educational instruction in secondary schools and universities will be exclusively in Ukrainian

Blasts of power transmission lines prove Kiev’s inability to keep situation under control

Explosions hitting electric power transmission lines on the Ukrainian territory have both deprived Crimea of electricity supply and done damage to the Ukrainian energy system. However, Kiev has actually given no response to this subversion act. This is simply political schizophrenia, experts say.

NATO Supplies Weapons to Kiev Despite Ceasefire

NATO countries are supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine, Kiev says. Why would the Alliance push Kiev to military escalation despite a ceasefire agreement reached in Minsk?  Radio VR is discussing it with Vladimir Kozin, the Head of the Group of Advisers to the Director of Russian Institute for Strategic Studies and Professor of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences.

Kalashnikov as evidence

Sergey Aleksandrovich Mikhailov

Flawed logic of U.S. foreign policy propaganda and the events in southeast Ukraine