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Mass protests resume in Lebanon despite lockdown

People in Lebanon began to take to the streets amid the coronavirus pandemic despite the lockdown restrictions, which have been in effect for almost a month, Izvestia writes. Activists oppose corruption and the government’s inability to cope with the protracted economic crisis, the worst since the civil war when the country was in ruins. According to the World Bank’s data, over 45% of people in Lebanon live below the poverty line, while last September that figure stood at 33%.

Political situation in Lebanon is melting pot of contradictions, says analyst

The current political situation in Lebanon is beginning to look like a mini-melting pot of major contradictions, the chief of the Middle and Near East Center at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Vladimir Fitin, told TASS, when asked for a comment about Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s decision to approve a new government, which caused another wave of street protests in Beirut.

Protests in Lebanon will not jeopardize Russian companies

The ongoing protests in Lebanon won’t undermine interests of Russian companies in the country and nothing poses a threat to the life of Russian citizens there, Russia’s Embassy in Beirut told Izvestia, stressing that the protests had not spiraled into confrontation and it was safe in the cities. However, experts interviewed by the paper predict that the protests could last for long, turning into the Middle Eastern version of the "yellow vest" movement. Meanwhile, the government’s resignation, a key demand of protesters, is not on the horizon, but the cabinet would still have to make some concessions.