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Merkel’s political demise triggered coalition talks failure, says expert

According to an expert from the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Germany’s political crisis has deep roots

Decline of Chancellor Merkel elevated the German President

Failure of the parliamentary coalition formation in Germany is connected with the political decline of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, RISS expert Lyudmila Vorobyova said. “She stops to be an integrating force in Germany, loses her credibility,” she added.

Merkel Offers G20 a Partnership with Africa

Vyacheslav None Kalinkin

Why countries of the Black continent are not interested in this initiative

Why the US-European Relationship is on the Brink

On Friday, Der Spiegel, widely considered to be Germany's most influential news magazine, stunned observers with the cover of its latest issue, featuring President Donald Trump holding a decapitated Lady Liberty, accompanied by the phrase 'America First'. To observers, the image is a perfect illustration of the sorry state of US-European relations.