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On the eve of NATO's 2022 Madrid summit

Sweden and Finland on their way to NATO

RISS Expert About the Necessity of Building New International Security Architecture

RISS Considered Prospects for Transatlantic Relations

On July 16th, the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies hosted a round table on «U.S.-European Relations: Perspectives for Transatlantic Solidarity under President Biden».

Biden's Atlantic U-turn: interim results

London Hopes to Run for Leadership in a Multi-polar World

Anna None Vilovatykh

Strategic review titled Global Britain in a Competitive Age that looks at the issues of foreign policy, defence, and security was published on March 16th in the UK

New NATO strategy to focus on countering China, Russia

Sergey None Ermakov

Alliance is seeking to spread its influence in the Asia-Pacific region

USA and NATO flex military muscle in Poland

Large-scale NATO's provocative military exercises, codenamed “Allied Spirit”, is set to launch on June 5 in Poland. The maneuvers in Poland are involved about 6,000 personnel from the USA. NATO stated that these massive military exercises were taking place instead of “Defender Europe 2020” that had been canceled over the coronavirus pandemic, RISS expert Sergey Yermakov explained.

NATO as a tool for military and political intervention

Current issues of NATO transformation