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Trump's "deal of the century" as a distraction ploy

Trump's "deal of the century" peace plan changes nothing, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin believes. "The U.S. President is just trying to distract people's attention from the impeachment trial. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges in three separate cases. It turns out that both leaders will benefit from the "deal of the century." The peace plan was also unveiled to Netanyahu' political rival Benny Gantz as it is not yet clear which of them will be the next Prime Minister," he said. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas predictably rejected this deal, saying that "Jerusalem is not for sale, all our rights are not for sale and are not for bargain."

Trump's statement on Golan may have serious consequences

Trump's Golan Heights tweet appeals to recognize Golan as Israeli territory. According to RISS expert Vladimir Fitin, this statement may spark global controversy. "We have already seen the consequences of Trump's previous statement on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel: protests, clashes and even victims on the border between Gaza and Israel," he recalled.