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US attacks Nicaragua to overthrow Ortega's government

After the military coup in Bolivia the USA is targeting yet another victim. Nicaragua is next, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov considers. America has already launched disinformation campaign against Nicaragua.

The USA to repeat Maidan scenario in Nicaragua

Washington is planning Ukrainian Maidan scenario against President Daniel Ortega; all anti-government protests are provoked by the United States, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov said. “Mass anti-government demonstrations against the social security system which began in April are held in major cities of the country. D.Ortega has already canceled the reform, but demonstrations continue across the nation. The slogans of protesters to cancel this reform suspiciously quickly developed into the requirements for holding free and fair elections,” he pointed out. According to mass media reports, many people have been killed in violent Nicaraguan protests.

Maidan for Managua: Washington May Be Planning Revolution Scenario for Nicaragua

Washington has moved one step closer to introducing new tough sanctions against Nicaragua for alleged 'human rights violations'. Meanwhile, an Organization of American States mission pulled out of the country without giving an explanation. Russian political analyst Igor Pshenichnikov warns that the US may be preparing a Maidan scenario for Managua.