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Meeting of the RISS Director with the Pakistan National Defense University delegation

RISS Director M. Fradkov received the Pakistan National Defense University delegation headed by Director of Institute for Strategic Studies and Analysis Major General Ghulam Qamar on April 25, 2017.

Meeting of the RISS Director with the Ambassador of Pakistan in Russia

RISS Director M. Fradkov received Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Russia Mr. Qazi M. Khalilullah on April 17, 2017.

Why Russia should reach out to ‘smaller’ South Asian countries

With major geopolitical players acknowledging the importance of South Asia’s ‘smaller’ states along time ago, it is high time for Moscow to rethink its policies toward the region as a whole.

Role of Russia in forging Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind

The idea of hammering out the Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind or CCDM concept is being positively regarded in Russia, Vladimir Kozin said in his remarks on Beijing Forum-Islamabad on May 26. He said, such approach rests on an understanding that the key principles of this goal fully correspond with Moscow’s national perceptions and views.

Forging the Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind: role of Russia

And some arms control issues from Russian perspective 

Pakistan and India «Trade Off» allies, KSA and China start a cold war

Pakistan and India appear willing to «trade off» allies with one another, «exchanging» their privileged partnerships with the Saudis and Russians

RISS Director meets the senior military leadership of Pakistan

From 14 to 18 November 2015 the delegation of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies headed by RISS Director Leonid Reshetnikov visited Islamabad on the invitation of the National Defense University (NDU) of Pakistan. The delegation included head of sector of Asia at the Center for Asia and the Middle East B. Volkhonsky, assistant director for international relations A. Dudar, and research fellow of the Center for Asia and the Middle East R. Enikeev.

Who will untangle the jumble of controversies in Pakistan?

One can speculate for a long time on how the confrontation between government and opposition will end in Pakistan. But one thing is clear: neither side will achieve a decisive advantage until the army has had its final say. In the meantime, the official representatives of the Pakistani armed forces are calling for "patience, wisdom and sagacity".

To solve the Kashmir problem, it should be forgotten for some time

In India and Pakistan, debates continue about the meeting of the Pakistani ambassador in New Delhi with Kashmiri separatists and the subsequent cancellation of negotiations at the level of foreign secretaries. In this case, it is clear that attempts to tackle the Kashmir problem "head on" are doomed to failure.

Bilawal Bhutto promises to save Mohenjo Daro. And is collecting money for this

As reported by the London newspaper "Daily Telegraph", the young heir of the Bhutto-Zardari political dynasty Bilawal Bhutto intends to launch an international campaign to save Mohenjo–Daro, one of the most remarkable archaeological sites not only for the people of Pakistan, but for the whole of humanity.