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Putin sworn in for 4th term promising higher growth, technological advancement

Vladimir Putin took the oath of office Monday to start his fourth term as Russian president, pledging to help build a free society in Russia and promote the country's economic competitiveness and technological development.

Evil Putin on the cover of "Time". The dark cult of the Western media

Igor None Pshenichnikov

An American weekly news magazine “Time” once again will put on the cover the portrait of Vladimir Putin on July 30.

The President of Russia met the RISS Director

Putin Promotes Libyan Strongman as New Ally After Syria Victory

Flush with success in supporting his ally in Syria, Vladimir Putin has a new ambition: supporting another one, this time in Libya. The effort is beginning to undermine the UN-backed government there.

For Putin is unacceptable to expel Assad from Syria

Interview of RISS Director Leonid Reshetnikov to the Italian magazine Il Nodo di Gordio.

What will Obama and Putin talk about?

In this final week before Vladimir Putin addresses the UN General Assembly, there has been a flurry of contact between Washington and Moscow. And by that I don’t just mean the Sept. 18 telephone call between the defense ministers of Russia and the US. Russia’s beefed up military presence in Syria has clearly sparked a whole series of informal consultations, the culmination of which should be a meeting between the leaders of Russia and the United States on the sidelines of the General Assembly. The key topics during their talks will undoubtedly be the refugee crisis and the fight against the Islamic State, the latter having about as much to do with Islam as ‘Russian dressing’ has to do with Russia.

Critical UN Assembly 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin will head the Russian delegation at the 70th anniversary session of the UN General Assembly, which will be opened at the headquarters of this largest international organization in New York in September. According to the Russian president's aide Yuri Ushakov, Putin will speak at the session on September 28th. According to Ushakov, in his speach, the Russian leader plans to address key aspects of the international agenda, including issues relating to joint efforts to combat terrorism.

A Way Forward for the U.S. and Russia

When meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in October, Henry Kissinger mentioned with his characteristic humor that after trips to Russia he brings the Russian point of view to the American leadership, but that in the United States such information does not always help him. This is unfortunate. For Kissinger has much to offer Americans when it comes to Russia.