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Scotland seeks new independence vote?

Execute not pardon: the Spanish dilemma of the European Union

The keys to conflict resolution between Barcelona and Madrid are in Brussels, said RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov.

Referendum 1.0 - a new chapter in Spain's history

"The Catalan independence referendum, or a Referendum 1.0, as it is called in the Spanish press, will become the turning point, which will divide the modern history of Spain into two periods: "before" and "after." Unfortunately, the new period in the country’s history will be characterized by political and economic crisis," said RISS expert Anna Glazova.

The slogan "Goodbye, Iraq" sounds prematurely

The consequences of the Iraqi Kurdistan referendum can be heavy, says RISS expert Igor BOROVKOV. This is due to problems in the economic situation of the autonomous region, which can easily be exacerbated by neighbouring countries in case of economic pressure on it.

Baghdad and Erbil dispute about the legitimacy of the forthcoming plebiscite

Igor None Borovkov

Tense situation around the Kurdistan referendum