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Igor Sevastyanov Participated in the Event Organized by Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences

RISS Discussed Contemporary Western Political Science

Great-Power Memory and Prospects for Territorial Changes in Central and Southeastern Europe

RISS Discussed the Results of the Turkic Council Summit

RISS Assessed the AUKUS Implications for Regional and Global Security

RISS Considered Socio-Economic Policies in the United States

Political Trends in Latin America were discussed at RISS

RISS discussed «The New Great Game» in Central Asia

The round table highlighted the historical, cultural and geopolitical aspects of interaction between the Central Asian states.

Turkey's Central Asia policy was discussed at RISS

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies held a roundtable discussion on «Turkey's Policy in Central Asia»

RISS Considered Prospects for Transatlantic Relations

On July 16th, the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies hosted a round table on «U.S.-European Relations: Perspectives for Transatlantic Solidarity under President Biden».