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RISS Expert About the Necessity of Building New International Security Architecture

RISS Representative Took Part in the Discussion of the Prospects of Urban Development in the CIS Countries

An event of the international platform for direct dialogue URALROSPROMECO dedicated to the Year of Architecture and Urban Planning in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States was held in the editorial office of Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Russian-Abkhazian ties gain geopolitical significance

Azhdar None Kurtov

Opportunities for Moscow-Sukhum economic cooperation are quite abundant

RISS expert on the interest of Russians in four-day working week

Mikhail None Belyaev

Progressive technologies will lead to a reduction in working days

New NATO strategy to focus on countering China, Russia

Sergey None Ermakov

Alliance is seeking to spread its influence in the Asia-Pacific region

China and Russia blur lines on “division of labour” in exerting influence over Central Asia

China’s growing influence over Central Asian economics, politics and security at the expense of Russia—a topic that is revisited repeatedly given its essential strategic import—continues to grab the attention of the region’s geopolitical observers. One of the most recent iterations of this focus came in the form of a report by a Washington-based think tank, the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute. 

Russia’s stance on Israel’s annexation move

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the country’s parliament on May 17 that the time had come to extend national sovereignty to the Palestinian territories in the Jordan Valley, the historical place from where the Jewish people had emerged. Russia is calling on Israel to prevent regional tensions from escalating, Izvestia wrote.

Even facing pandemic, NATO looking for “Russian threat”

Sergey None Ermakov

NATO is still unable to overcome the Cold War complex

The US-Russia petroleum industries competition from a historical perspective

Igor None Prokofyev, Nikolay None Lukyanovich

The USA seeks to oust Russia from the world energy markets

Russian economy fastens seat belt to ride out economic turbulence

Russia’s Central Bank and government have sufficient tools and resources to maintain stability amid macroeconomic uncertainty, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a recent meeting with investors. He stressed that the authorities were determined to create favorable conditions, which would ensure the safety of investments and minimize the risks.