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Chief Counselor to the RISS Director took part in the SCO Forum

Konstantin Kokarev took part in the forum via videoconference

SCO summit to forge closer ties among member states

The SCO summit, which is taking place on June 13-14 in Bishkek, is notable for the fact that India, Pakistan leaders may meet at the summit, RISS expert Vladimir Evseev said. The leaders of these two countries will meet for the first time after the major armed conflict in Kashmir. The expert also recalled that the summit was helding against the backdrop of an escalating US-China trade war.

Press review: Iran to toughen up on Trump and Russia eyes big energy deals on Arab markets

Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Afghanistan seeks full-fledged SCO membership

China thinks India, Pakistan entry to Shanghai Cooperation Organisation will reduce tension between them

China says it is hopeful that India, Pakistan's strained ties will be allayed a bit after their accession as members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

Current State of Integration Processes within the Framework of the SCO

Vakhtang Surguladze

Results of the Dushanbe Summit of 11-12 September 2014