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Sweden and Finland on their way to NATO

RISS Expert About the Necessity of Building New International Security Architecture

Ukraine's Military Security Strategy: Dreams and Reality

Ukraine has adopted a new military security strategy

What does US Open Skies exit mean?

Sergey None Ermakov

The US is putting international peace and security under threat

INF Treaty prevents NATO, US to put pressure on Russia and China

At the meeting of the North Atlantic Council will be taken a number of important decisions aimed at further Alliance's development, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov said. There were made several statements on the increase of NATO military potential, distribution of defense costs, problems of Russia-NATO relations (Moscow was accused of undermining the transatlantic security system). The topical issue of the meeting was the INF Treaty. According to the NATO Secretary General, this is a crucial treaty, and its termination will lead to unpredictable consequences that can significantly aggravate the situation in Europe and reduce the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons.

Why the USA is worried about the "open sky" for new Russian aircraft

The reason for the US refusal to certify a new Russian aircraft, created within Open Skies Treaty, is that Washington is now carrying out its military policy solely from a position of strength. "The USA isn't satisfied with the agreements that emerged after the end of the Cold War," RISS expert Sergey Ermakov said.

The new U.S. National Security Strategy: the military aspect

The arms race, which is one of the fundamentals of the new U.S. National Security Strategy, aimed primarily at achieving the American leadership on the whole planet, RISS expert Grigory Tishchenko considers. The role of military force in the political course of the United States increases significantly and it occupies almost the first place in the priorities of this country. “If the strategy is implemented at full scale, the world will face a serious destabilization of international relations,” the analyst said.

The Future of Transnational Cooperation in Eurasia

Julia None Kryachkina

The Russian Far East has already been an integral part of regional cross-border trade with China, the Korean Peninsula and Japan for many years