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Corruption a threat to stability of Lebanon, says former PM

Geopolitics in the region came in for an indepth analysis, with forecasts about how the next 10 years will pan out at two separate sessions at the 12th Arab Strategy Forum on Monday.

Arab world tensions will ease with solid relations, say experts

At a panel session titled 'The Race for Relevance and Influence in the Region: GCC, Iran, Turkey & Russia' during the 12th Arab Strategy Forum (ASF 2019) on Monday, panelists said that Middle Eastern countries need to join forces with international powers to bring peace to the region.

Arab Strategy Forum to explore global geopolitical landscape

Dubai is all set to host the 12th edition of the annual Arab Strategy Forum (ASF 2019) at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre, on Monday.

BRICS as a factor for sustainable peace, cooperation and mutual respect

The final declaration of the summit presents the common position of the BRICS nations - sustainable peace, cooperation and mutual respect, RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev says. "BRICS also should take into account the positions of many developing countries that have already reached a high level of living standards, especially Brazil and South Africa," he added.

Global Risks for Eurasia in 2020 Will Be Announced in Kazakhstan

On November 11-12, 2019, Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, will host the fifth annual meeting of the Astana Club.

SCO summit to forge closer ties among member states

The SCO summit, which is taking place on June 13-14 in Bishkek, is notable for the fact that India, Pakistan leaders may meet at the summit, RISS expert Vladimir Evseev said. The leaders of these two countries will meet for the first time after the major armed conflict in Kashmir. The expert also recalled that the summit was helding against the backdrop of an escalating US-China trade war.

EEU countries expanding relations

The Supreme Eurasian Economic Council took place in Nur-Sultan in honor of the fifth anniversary of the EAEU. According to the participants, the forum had a great success, and all the agreements reached by collective bargaining will keep being used in the future. "The Union itself is strengthened by previous economic and political ties due to the previous economic activities of different republics. Economic ties are very sustainable," RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev said.

A new meeting format for G20 summit

The G20 summit in Argentina is one of the first summits of a new format. Earlier such summits were organized under the auspices of international organizations, in particular, the IMF, where the US influence is great. Now developing G20 countries-members can invite other participants to the club. According to RISS expert Alexander Sarchev, a new meeting format allows summit participants to focus on more relevant issues for them. "This format gives hope to increase the efficiency of the G20 summit in the near future, when the member states themselves will determine the discussed issues," he said.

NATO summit to discuss transatlantic solidarity

Contradictions between the participating countries are becoming increasingly clear on the eve of the NATO summit, which is scheduled for 11-12 July, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov said. He noted that the issue of transatlantic solidarity will be raised for the first time at the upcoming summit.

US-DPRK summit: meeting for the sake of political dividends

The fact that the US has decided to change its usual policy of intimidation and hold the US-DPRK summit is connected with the tension in Washington's domestic policy, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko said. “The internal political pressure on the White House is unprecedented now. All previous US presidents started a "small war", which often didn’t end victoriously. But the current President of the United States understands that he is not able to get involved in such a conflict now,” he pointed out.