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Turkey May Respond Tit-for-Tat to Possible EU Sanctions

Georgy None Sosnov

Ankara claims to be a regional leader in the Mediterranean

Turkey Wants to Take a Bite of "Gas Pie"

Mariya None Makhmutova

The situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is heating up

Turkish Blackmail: Why Erdogan Changed Hagia Sophia's Status

Mounting tension between NATO allies Greece and Turkey stems from unsolved economic and humanitarian problems. According to RISS expert Georgy Sosnov, "even in the worst case scenario, conflict will not grow into full-blown war; neither the EU nor NATO wants to aggravate the confrontation."

Turkish nationalists lift spirits by Claw-Eagle operation

Ankara has started the next stage of the military operation Claw-Eagle in order to encourage its nationalist electorate with military success, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin says. The operation is being carried out in northern Iraq against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey.

Trump trying to keep Turkey in the US orbit

Anna Glazova

US-Turkey relationship: prospects for overcoming the crisis

Turkey will not launch major operation against militants in Idlib — analyst

Local clashes between Turkish forces and militants in Syria’s Idlib province are possible, but a full-scale military operation is not in Ankara’s interests, the head of the Near and Middle East Center at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Vladimir Fitin, told TASS in the wake of Turkey’s air strike against the positions of the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (one of the names of Jabhat al-Nusra outlawed Russia).

Moscow talks ease tensions in Idlib

Memorandum of Understanding between Turkey and the Russian Federation will provide a good basis for diplomatic work and mutually beneficial relationship, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin believes. He recalled that clashes between the Syrian and Turkish forces in Idlib could lead to unpredictable consequences, right up to a full-scale war. "But thanks to the meeting of presidents V. Putin and R.Erdogan, we managed to reach an agreement again," he said.

Turkish-Syrian war: is it possible?

The already volatile situation in the Syrian region of Idlib has significantly escalated. Terrorist groups attempted to break through Syrian army defensive positions. Syria retaliated against the advancing militants. RISS expert Vladimir Fitin drew attention to the fact that Turkish troops shelled by Syrian forces had been among terrorists. As a result, at least 30 Turkish soldiers were killed and armored personnel carriers were destroyed.

Idlib crisis should be settled by diplomatic means

RISS expert Vladimir Fitin expressed his hope that the crisis in the Syrian province of Idlib would be settled diplomatically. "If this does not lead to a positive outcome, it may have an extremely negative impact on the further development of Russian-Turkish relations," he underscored.

Ankara's economic expansion growing rapidly

Turkey and the Arab world: issues of interaction