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Russia, Turkey, Iran compared stances on Syria

Ankara hosted trilateral summit on Syria with Russian, Iranian, and Turkish leaders. The summit paid heavy attention to the future state structure of Syria, its territorial integrity, assistance to refugees, and restoration of housing. The presidents agreed to take measures on finally eliminating the terrorist threat in Idlib. "The parties have taken steps forward to resolve all urgent issues. USA failed to quarrel Moscow, Ankara, and Tehran," RISS expert Georgy Sosnov said.

Turkey to use cooperation with Russia to put pressure on US, expert says

Ankara may take advantage of its plans to boost defense cooperation with Moscow to put additional pressure on Washington, particularly as far as the US obligation to set up a safety zone in northern Syria goes, Head of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies’ Center for the Near and Middle East Vladimir Fitin told TASS.

Ankara didn't allow Washington to twist its arms

Turkey's intention to buy Russian S-400 air defense systems has increased tensions with the United States. Last year, Washington, as part of its pressure on the ally, doubled import tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum (this caused a crisis in the Turkish economy). Recently, the USA has announced its decision to end preferential trade deals with Ankara. "However, this step, unlike last year's increase in tariffs for steel and aluminum, will not seriously affect the Turkish economy and is more a symbolic gesture," RISS expert Vladimir Fitin said.

Russian-Turkish cooperation gives positive results

The US reaction to the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline is too late, RISS expert Georgy Sosnov said. "Washington did not have time to break into this project and stop Turkey as it did in Bulgaria. Turkey is quite an independent country," the analyst added. He recalled that presidents of Russia and Turkey V.Putin and R.Erdogan took part in the ceremony of completion of the construction of the sea part of the Turkish Stream.

Turkey Solidifying Lira, Shifting to Non-Dollar Trade - Economist

Turkish President Erdogan announced on October 7 that Ankara had closed the chapter of IMF credits. Speaking to Sputnik, Turkish politicians and a Russian economist have shared their views on Ankara's decision to bring an end to its dependence on the West.

Hard Ankara's response to US sanctions meets the approval of the Turkish society

Sanctions war between the United States and Turkey will continue at different levels, said RISS expert Georgy Sosnov. Commenting on Russian Foreign Minister S.Lavrov's visit in Ankara, he noted that when S.Lavrov appreciated Turkey's refusal to join anti-Russian sanctions and touched upon the issue of the US sanctions against Turkey, the audience applauded. "Turkish Foreign Minister M.Cavusoglu reassured that America's unipolar world has passed and Washington should realize this. Such an extreme step as the anti-Turkish sanctions will mean very serious losses for the United States," he said.

Ankara’s NATO membership lifeline for Turkey-US relations, says Russian expert

According to Vladimir Fitin, "no one ditches partners such as Turkey, although the Americans have been acting like a bull in a china shop lately"

Expert: Syria will try to enroll support from Gulf monarchies to its restoration efforts

Syria’s government will demonstrate a pragmatic approach and will try to enroll support from the Gulf monarchies and Turkey to the restoration efforts, despite the accusations of their sponsoring militants, a Russian expert told TASS on Monday.

Turkish march to Syria's Afrin

“Turkey has launched a military operation in Syria’s Afrin, currently occupied by the Kurdish People's Protection Units. Due to the numerous diplomatic contacts Turkey was able to achieve neutral position of the key players in Syria. The USA didn’t begin to protest, even though the Kurds were the main allies of the Americans during the Syrian campaign, and because of them the USA tries to extend its military presence in Syria indefinitely,” RISS expert Vladimir Fitin considers.

Russia, Iran, Turkey to Meet Over Syria Amid U.S. Tensions

Russia, Turkey and Iran will hold summit talks on Syria next week as Ankara threatens a possible attack on U.S.-allied Kurdish forces and tensions rise between Moscow and Washington over the future of the war-torn state.