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Referendum Controversy: Why Turkey's Weakness Not in the Interest of Russia

The Sunday referendum on shifting to a presidential system has split Turkey down the middle. Commenting on the potential consequences of Ankara's move, Russian academics told Sputnik that Moscow is interested in a strong and stable Turkey as its partner in the Middle East.

Russia Seeks Syria Peace With Iran,Turkey as U.S. Sidelined

A joint effort to end the war in Syria by Russia, Turkey and Iran entered a new phase on Monday with peace talks in Kazakhstan that leave the U.S. on the sidelines.

Analyst says trilateral meeting on Syria in Moscow will herald new format of peace talks

"This is a fundamental change in the diplomatic space," the analyst said

Russland und Türkei halten an Kooperation in Syrien fest

Russland und die Türkei wollen sich auch nach dem Mord am russischen Botschafter in Ankara nicht von einem gemeinsamen Weg in Syrien abbringen lassen.

Warming Relations in Person, Putin and Erdogan Revive Pipeline Deal

Amid increasingly tense relations with the United States over Syria, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia took advantage of a routine meeting in Istanbul on Monday to advance the Kremlin’s reconciliation with Turkey, including an agreement to revive a suspended natural-gas pipeline project.

Recip Erdogan’s Plan B: Settle Arabs in Kurdistan

Anna None Glazova

The Sultan has a plan: he aspires to lead the Muslims of Europe

Delegation of the Turkish opposition party «Vatan» visited RISS

Delegation of the Turkish opposition party «Vatan» visited RISS on December 24, 2015.

What’s behind Turkey’s provocative decision to shoot down Russian bomber?

Turkey’s reckless decision to shoot down a Russian bomber over Syria - an outrageously treacherous move towards Russia it was - may have been due to a variety of reasons, including internal political ones, Russian experts believe.

Outsiders to solve Afghan issue

The Turkish-Afghan-Pakistani summit dedicated to the Afghan crisis after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan has ended in Ankara.