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Scotland seeks new independence vote?

RISS Discussed British Policy in the Balkans

RISS Assessed the AUKUS Implications for Regional and Global Security

London Hopes to Run for Leadership in a Multi-polar World

Anna None Vilovatykh

Strategic review titled Global Britain in a Competitive Age that looks at the issues of foreign policy, defence, and security was published on March 16th in the UK

New British foreign secretary might replace Theresa May, Russian expert says

The expert also said that London would continue to implement the Global Britain concept

Political strife in UK escalates due to Brexit debate, expert says

It is still unclear whether London and Brussels can reach an agreement by this October

Mass expulsion of Russian diplomats confirms the US involvement into Salisbury provocation

According to RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov, mass expulsion of Russian diplomats from the United States attests that Washington has been involved into Salisbury provocation.

British general frightens by Russia for the sake of money

According to RISS expert Anna Vilovatykh, talks about Russia as a threat to international security are just a way to get more money for the British army. “Right now there is a revision of the UK national security policy. The heated debates on the military budget and the future image of the British Armed Forces are conducting. The military is trying to get more funding, and therefore creates an image of an external enemy. Russia has been chosen as this enemy,” the analyst added.

Why the Hindus rose in defence of the Christians

Hindus of Indian descent living in the UK have joined the discussion in the country about the role of the church in society. They oppose the disestablishment of the church.