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Activities of US Think Tanks Discussed at RISS

A round table dedicated to the discussion of the main activities of American policy institutes was held on 26 February at RISS

US Maintains Its Destructive Stance on Iran

Marianna None Bakonina

Contrary to the expectations of politicians and experts, President Joe Biden is at standstill with fulfilling his pre-election promise to return the US to the "nuclear deal" with Iran

USA Declassifies Indo-Pacific Strategy

Sergey Aleksandrovich Mikhailov

Declassification of the strategic framework for US policy in the Indo-Pacific region before the President Donald Trump left office was intended to fix the US course in this part of the world for the future, supposes Sergey Mikhailov, the senior expert of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies

Joseph Biden Assumed the Office of the US President

Ilya None Kravchenko

The inauguration of the 46th US President, Joseph Biden, on 20 January became a landmark event in the American history, says Ilya Kravchenko, a consultant to the RISS Director

Extension of the START Treaty as the First Step Towards Strategic Stability

Sergey None Ermakov

Preserving the international strategic stability has become a serious challenge, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov said

Donald Trump continues struggle for the hearts of supporters

Sergey Aleksandrovich Mikhailov

Since mid-December 2020, it has become obvious that Donald Trump will not be able to overhaul the results of the presidential elections. Why did he take all those actions aimed at accusing Democrats of voting fraud?

Disturbing Day in the US

Ilya None Kravchenko

On 6 January 2021, during the official approval procedure of the results of the US presidential election held in Congress, D. Trump's supporters broke into the Capitol

Round Table on Prospects for Development of US Domestic and Foreign Policy under New Head of the White House

On December 17, 2020, RISS hosted a round table "Prospects for the Development of US Domestic and Foreign Policy under the New Head of the White House"

Round Table on Changes in Economic Policy of US Administration after Presidential Elections

On December 7, 2020, RISS hosted a round table on the changes in the economic policy of the US administration after the presidential elections and expected consequences for the global economic system

Elections as the Broken Mirror of the American Society

Ilya None Kravchenko

One of the most intense presidential races in US history is over